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          In addition, Paris is also possible, after all, with Neymar in the team, the double Wang team together with mbape is also an extremely ideal lineup configuration. Messi's transfer to the Lakers is actually a result of losing. It is believed that many people have different feelings in their hearts. Most people will sympathize with Messi's experience. Naturally, some people think that Barcelona's retention of Messi is also a hope that it can change the current situation of the club and reduce the loss caused by the departure of key players. However, the team that gets Messi in the next summer will be more smooth and ready, which is also a good thing in bad things.

          During the difficult time, the midfield of the blue army was very weak, and Werner was the most dangerous. He threatened the goal many times with his personal ability, but he was also trapped in offside trap twice because of his urgent mood. Fortunately, Werner made a penalty in the 23rd minute. This time, jozhnio took advantage of arzat's passing fault and passed it to Werner. The latter broke into the forbidden area and was tripped by Ryan. Jozhnio took the penalty kick and took the lead first. After this game, those who question the team can really shut up. In fact, in the difficult stage, he still has a lot of threats on the offensive side. In the past few seasons, there were two midfielders around jozhnio, but now trying to double midfield really needs players' on-the-spot response and play. Breaking the iron bucket array is waiting for the opponent to make mistakes and hit a fatal blow in the rare excellent opportunity. Ruorinio obviously grasped the rare opportunity.



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