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          At first, the growth enterprise market (GEM) represented by computer stocks was relatively strong, and there was a wave of pull-up; around 11 o'clock, real estate stocks began to pull up again, and the index weight of real estate stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen was relatively large, so it showed a rapid pull-up state; in the afternoon, when the market dived, the secondary new shares showed some performance, of course, the final result was not ideal. Generally speaking, it is such a process that the competition between plates is nothing but fighting for funds.




          In fact, Everton is worth paying attention to recently, because the team has included Jerome, Alan, dukule and other strong reinforcements, the strength of which is unexpected. In addition, the manager is Ancelotti, which can really improve the team's ranking and naturally become the top four team in the new season. Ronaldo has played for Porto, Monaco, Real Madrid and has been loaned to Bayern Munich. He is experienced enough and his strength is recognized. Watford's dukule is also familiar with the Premier League, so it doesn't take much time to adapt.



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