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          La Liga officials believe that Messi and his team have misunderstood the contract, so it will be very sad for the Meiqiu king to give up his decision this summer. Therefore, it is certain that in the face of interests, the big teams do not talk about human feelings and even use some tactics to achieve their goals. Now, there can only be more disputes, so Messi chose to give in. Lionel Messi played for Barcelona for 20 years and forced to stay for one year, which is not a perfect symbol in emotion. In fact, Ronaldo left Real Madrid the same way, three consecutive seasons to help the team to win the Champions League Cup, but the promised salary increase did not materialize, in this case the ball king can only choose to leave the team. It was thought that Messi would hang up his boots in Barcelona, even if he left the team would be a very warm mode, but the reality is cruel.

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          Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets continue to fluctuate. There are several points worth paying attention to today

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