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          Recently, Juve's Higuain said that if Messi went to the Premier League, Messi would be kicked. Because the Argentinian played for Chelsea last season, his performance is generally due to the fierce defense and stronger pertinence of the Premier League team, so he was invisible in some games, so it is impossible to stay in the team after the end of the season. For the memory of the Premier League is really deep, so Higuain would like to express his views, Argentina teammates naturally do not want Messi's next stop more difficult.

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          Model Xu run

          Now the market is a bit like entering the stage of strategic deadlock, with limited range. Sooner or later, it will face a directional choice. Large cycle plate, drunk wine and steel is also a leading plate.

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          Stereo desktop



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          Today, the Shanghai composite index was able to pull up, and bank stocks, especially industrial and Commercial Bank of China, contributed a lot. In the afternoon, ICBC fell 1.35% from its lowest point, achieving a 1% rise, leading to a decrease in the decline of the Shanghai stock index.




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